Expats! Is your mainland bank dumping you because of New Brexit Regulations?
You spent years organising your bank accounts to accommodate your business and expat lifestyle. The carpet has been swept out under your feet. The banks are closing your accounts… What do you do?

Not to worry… We offer you immediate substitute banking!

Keep your personal and business affairs running seamlessly.

Get Immediate Substitute Expat
Personal and Corporate Accounts Here!

Worldwide Account Access – Immediate Acceptance- Minimum Paperwork

In going offshore, getting your offshore company established is nowadays only half the job. The most difficult part is getting an offshore bank account that will accept your company and function as your bank. For some companies this can be extremely difficult in today’s tight, regulatory environment. Some jurisdictions are blacklisted, and individuals of some nationalities are highly restricted in their choices of possibilities. MBS Services can get your Business or Personal account opened with no headaches, no hassles and no paperwork by cumbersome bureaucracy – in as little as 48 hours. We work with an extensive group of top Tier I & II banks and institutions and can GUARANTEE your bank account or your money back.

GUARANTEED bank account for you & your company! 
In 48 Hours!

Come to us for:

  • Bank accounts in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, all the major currencies as well as many of the soft ones
  • Complete offshore confidentiality assured
  • Full online baking and currency exchange functionalities (cryptocurrencies and precious metals coming)
  • Access account from anywhere in the world
  • Fast approval
  • Start using your accounts in as little as 48 hours after application is submitted and KYC/AML procedures are quickly completed
  • We accept company jurisdictions that most other banks do not accept, blacklisted countries and accounts for Americans
  • No limits on withdrawals and deposits. No spending limits.

We can have your account ready usually in c. 48 hours.
Price for our service – GBP £6,000 – accounts GUARANTEED!

UPDATE – WINTER 2020: Brexit has come around and suddenly the banks you trusted are all letting you down. Thousands of Brits have had their personal and company accounts cancelled by their banks because of changes to EU rules designed to punish Britain and Britain Expats in the face of the oncoming Brexit Reality. If you or your company are left suddenly without a bank account, come to us!

We will immediately open new functioning accounts for you where you can safely deposit your funds and which you can use to keep income flowing into your companies. We have established a special branch to help the thousands of Brits, abandoned by their traditional banks in to finding immediate alternate banking services providers so that you can keep your household as well as business accounts running smoothly and seamlessly. At the same time, we place great emphasis on Privacy, Confidentiality and Protection of your Data.

Unlike the banks that abandoned you, Loyalty is a prime consideration for us, and we will connect you with the banking institutions that keep it at the Centre of their relationship with you. We strive to find banks that will not discard you at the drop of a hat because their global strategy considers you expendable… Our banks consider you a human asset to be treated with dignity and respect and deserving of the best quality banking available.

This is your chance to switch over to banks that actually care about YOU!

Please Contact MBS Services for more Information at
+(44) 844 357 0347 (UK)
+(1) 347 284 0143 (USA)
+(357) 220 07 237 (Cyprus)

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